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Bubble Beasts


By Jennifer Giesler

Class of 2013

Bubble Beasts is a line of hygiene products for kids. Each bottle or container has a unique monster that kids can associate with baths, brushing their teeth, or other hygiene routines to make them a more positive experience. The bright colors and big eyes are meant to attract the attention of both boys and girls under the age of 8. Bubble Beasts products are designed to look attractive enough on a bathroom counter or displayed proudly in a shower, both to serve as a reminder for kids and fit in with the aesthetic of a bathroom.

Current hygiene products for kids are so overly decorated with characters kids already associate with their favorite TV and movies. These characters introduce a new set, specifically focused on hygiene and getting clean. The bottles are all small enough for kids to handle. They are decorated with copy and product names to make kids laugh when they’re old enough to read.

Products: Hair Brush; Hair Gel; Shampoo; Conditioner; Detangling Spray; Hand Soap; Hand Sanitizer; Lotion; Body Wash; Bubble Bath; Mouth Wash; Flossers; and Toothpaste.


Bill Harper's Comments

A fun, bright, clever way to help moms and dads get kids clean. The gang of beasts create a fun and encouraging group of bathtub friends we all wish we had growing up.

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